Immune System Disorder


“I started seeing Nicolas when I was 7 months pregnant with bad back pain. He took away 80% of the pain after 2 sessions. I brought my son to see Alex when he was born aswell. When he was 7 months old he had “eczema” and saw Nicolas. After 1 treatment, he hasn’t had any “eczema” till now at 15 months.”

Adelina Tsan


ISD method has been developed based on the work of Mr. Jacques Gesret. Next, it was transmitted to Nicolas Grimaldi directly when he went to learn from him in Paraguay in 2011 and 2012. He has kept improving his skills and knowledge with Mr. Jacques Gesret and some of his trainers.

Mr. Gesret has worked for years on non-infectious immune system disorders. Therefore, he has discovered a common pattern to all. Some systematic and specific imbalances are linked to specific levels of the nervous system. This can disrupting some archaic reflexes of protection like coughing, etc.

Years of clinical work and scientific researches have allowed a great number of patients around the World to benefit from this work.

Your osteopath will focus on rebalancing the body’s structures to enhance the functions of the nervous system. He will also eliminate all expression and symptoms of its disruption.