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CO-FOUNDER of ONE OSTEO Academy, the prestigious French school CEESO Lyon SAS has always strived for the quality of education and patient safety. CEESO Lyon SAS is known for its educational rigor, for its relationship with the French academic world, and for its connections with the wider world healthcare community and the scientific community. Major player in France, CEESO Lyon SAS is also member and vice-president of OsEAN, the Osteopathic European Academic Network, whose purpose is to facilitate exchange of students, teachers and knowledge in teaching methods between the best European schools, in the pursuit of excellence in Osteopathic education.

CEESO Lyon SAS was one of the first French osteopathic schools to be certified by the French Ministry of Health in 2007, and got the highest level of certification at RNCP (French abbreviations for national register of professional certifications). CEESO Lyon SAS is also member of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, member of the FNEP (French National Federation for Private Education), and ISO 9001 certified.

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