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To be eligible to apply to ONE OSTEO Academy, students must have an acceptable pre-University qualification or knowledge in science. But most of all, it is your personality, your personal motivation and human values that we will take into consideration along with your academic profile. In addition to academic ability, we will look for co-curricular activities and good interpersonal and communication skills.  So try your chance and fill out the admission form below.

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    We are also open to adults and professionals looking for a career change and changing stream students. There is no age limit, these profiles will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    Academic requirements for fresh graduate :

    • A-Levels : Science Stream
    • STPM : cGPA 2.75
    • Australian Matriculation : 70% aggregate or TER / UAI / ENTER / ATAR 75 (including 1 Science / Mathematics)
    • NCEA Level 3 : 70% aggregate (including 1 Science/ Mathematics)
    • Canadian Grade 12/13 : 70% aggregate (including 1 Science/ Mathematics)
    • Degree : Bachelor Degree, cGPA 2.00
    • Diploma : Diploma in Science, Diploma in Microbiology, Diploma in related sciences field, Diploma in Traditional and Complementary medicine, cGPA 2.75
    • Foundation : cGPA 2.75 or 55% or CCC
    • international baccalaureate (26 points, including 1 science subject / Mathematics at Higher Level)

    A good general level of English, spoken and written is also required. References :

    • MUET  : Band score 3
    • IELTS : Overall band score of 5.5

    You are not sure you match the requirements ? Don’t hesitate to contact us to check with us at [email protected]

    Requirements for professional looking for a career change :

    Your profile will be reviewed on a case by case basis, with a combination of academic profile, professional background and experience, personal motivation and human values. Don’t hesitate to apply, we’ll be in touch!

Admission Process

  1. Download the application file.
  2. Fill it and send it back with all physical documents requested by mail (pos) to ONE OSTEO
  3. The selected candidates will be invited for an oral interview which is designed to provide us with further insight about the candidates, their motivation and aptitudes to enter these studies
  4. If your final grade places you in the first 30 students, your application will be accepted and we will send you the final inscription file.
  5. Your inscription will be effective once we receive your inscription documents duly filled and signed.
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    Required documents to join with your application :

    • A cover letter addressed to the founders of ONE OSTEO Academy
    • The application form duly completed
    • A certified copy of your NRIC / Passport
    • A certified copy of your academic transcripts
    • A certified copy of English proficiency results
    • 2 passport size colour photograph
    • 2 stamps

    Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Fees and Payment terms

The fees are RM 65,000 per year with a payment methods in 3 instalments.

Please note that we do not charge processing fees, we do not charge exam fees, and there is no additional fees for the e-learning part of the courses, it’s already included in the global fees.

Table fees for enrolement at Oneosteo Academy - Term 1
Table fees for enrolement year at Oneosteo Academy

Need help to apply ?

You are highly interested and would like to apply but you have a doubt regarding the requirements ? the documents to join ?  Fill out this form and we will contact you to assist you in the application process.