Assistance in reproductive health


Procreation is a complex process that some may find difficult for a number of medical reasons. When no medical cause has evidently been diagnosed, Osteopathy may appear as a precious help.

It is medically considered that after two years trying to conceive a baby without results, tests must be done.

In osteopathy, lumbar pain, pain during menstruation, pain during intercourse, may be the first signs of difficulty in having a child. Not to mention that hormonal disorder (thyroid, endometriosis), can also impact the conception of a child.

The osteopath, by his techniques, will give a better mobility to all tissues. Thus, he will allow the release of certain parts of the body in connection with a difficulty in procreation. There is often a mechanical and physical part but also a psychological part. The osteopath in his overall care will take into consideration all these aspects. Moreover, the osteopath will influence the plan of the structure (the skeleton) but also on the vascular, nervous and hormonal plan.

Note as well that in case of medically assisted procreation, the osteopath can also have a role to play, to improve the quality of life of the patient by always being in touch with the medical team.

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