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Nicolas Grimaldi, founder of OneOsteo

Our founder & story

ONE OSTEO was founded in 2011 by French Osteopath D.O. Nicolas Grimaldi.

Nicolas graduated from ATMAN Osteopathic Campus in the South of France in 2007 after a 6-year program.  Born in Africa and raised in the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, his natural passion for travel brought him around the world to Malaysia. Among other adventures, his travels made him realise that osteopathy was far from being available in some parts of the world, including Malaysia, while already well developed in Europe and other Western countries.

Nicolas was deeply inspired by his mentors and teachers in paediatric osteopathy and the unique benefits it can bring to babies, kids and the whole population. It then became a dream and an obsession to bring osteopathy to more people where nothing like it existed yet. After a 5-day trip in Kuala Lumpur, a heartwarming welcome and a few encounters, that was it: it would be Malaysia. In 2010, Nicolas took a one way ticket to Malaysia. He knew this country was the perfect place to build strong foundations to develop osteopathy and bring its benefits to the entire population.

Since then, Nicolas has dedicated his time and energy to promote osteopathy locally. He has worked on establishing collaborations with the medical community and other healthcare actors. He has also attracted more highly qualified osteopaths to Malaysia to build a solid team. From one to nine osteopaths in 2018 and two clinics in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Nicolas has made no compromise on the quality of service and treatment provided to ONE OSTEO patients. Quality, patient’s safety and human values are the basis of a successful development of osteopathy in this country.


Our values & ethics

Osteopathy is a healthcare profession that answers to the same code of ethics and values than any medical profession. You can consult here the osteopathic oath we committed to when we graduated, and the patient’s charter of our clinics.

We strongly believe in our responsibility to deliver the best quality treatments and care in order to answer our patient’s needs at all times. Quality of treatment must never be compromised if we aim to help our patients to the best of our abilities and skills. This is also the key to establish a relationship of trust with you, so that you are in the best conditions to receive an osteopathic treatment.

In addition, we aim to constantly challenge our knowledge and certainties, and learn from our success and failure. Like any healthcare practitioner, it is our duty to remain informed and aware of medical and scientific progress related to our work, and to keep enriching our experience and practice by attending occasional training, workshops, seminaries, symposium related to healthcare and osteopathy.

Therefore, our team was built over the years with this concern in mind : we recruited complementary profiles with great skills and experience so that we can learn from each other, constantly sharing our experiences and regularly meeting around case studies. We also work hand in hand with numerous doctors and healthcare professionals for referral, complementary examination and diagnosis: osteopathy is not an answer to all troubles, only the mechanical ones and their symptoms. Osteopaths are trained to evaluate the necessity for another professional opinion prior to an osteopathic treatment.

Patient’s safety is our number one concern.

OneOsteo, who we are, our values and ethics

Our mission & vision

The 21st century is the century of all Medicines, seeing a strong reunification and complementary work between Western Allopathic Medicine and other Traditional and Natural Medicines.

Natural Medicines

Traditional and complementary medicines have seen a dramatic surge in popularity over the past 30 years, globally and in Malaysia – this is largely due to the trend towards healthier lifestyles and a more natural approach to health. People are re-discovering the benefits of yoga, meditation and are more conscious of their body central role for their well-being.

The rising collaboration between Western Allopathic Medicine and Traditional / Natural Medicines including osteopathy has never been so intense and prolific. It is in the best interest of our patients that we all work hand in hand in respect of each other’s field of competences and expertise.

OneOsteo, who we are, our mission and vision


Based on the same scientific and medical fundamentals than western allopathic medicine, osteopathy is a natural medicine considering health and the human body in a more holistic approach. Osteopaths see the body as a whole unit in which all structures are interrelated, interconnected. We also know that many conditions are due to mechanical disorders. Thus, osteopathy aims to focus on the causes of a condition and not the symptoms, and to consider each patient in his/her globality: the whole body is assessed not just the symptom area, and every patient has a different personal and medical history impacting his/her body in a specific way.

Very well developed in European countries such as UK, Italy, France (25 million treatments per year), osteopathy is still at its early beginnings in Malaysia. The rising demand even beyond Malaysian borders has shown that there is a real need for more osteopaths locally.

As the major actor of Osteopathy in Malaysia and the only clinic gathering multiple osteopaths, we have the responsibility to show the best example of what osteopathy can bring to this country and how it can help more people. This means building more awareness about osteopathy, how it works, what it can and cannot treat, which we do through our social media, events and partnerships with local associations.

It also means protecting the profession from unscrupulous practitioners that see in osteopathy a business opportunity due to its success, with no ethical consideration for the patient’s safety and patient’s benefit. A proper and regulated development of osteopathy in Malaysia is the only way to guarantee patient’s safety, and to guarantee that osteopathy can keep helping more people everywhere in the country, not only in  Kuala Lumpur.


Others comitments


A crucial step to train local osteopaths was the creation in 2018 of the first osteopathic school in South-East Asia, respecting the highest international standards of osteopathic education by the European Union, World Health Organization and French Laws. We believe Malaysia has the potential to become a reference in osteopathy in Asia, with local osteopath trained with the same degree of commitment and values we give for our clinics.

Malaysia and Malaysians have given us a heartwarming welcome and the extraordinary opportunity to develop Osteopathy in this region. It only seems right to also transmit our knowledge and skills so that osteopathy can benefit to a larger part of the population.

OneOsteo, who we are, OneOsteo Academy

The Foundation

As part of the healthcare system, osteopaths should be able to treat anyone in need even when one cannot bear the financial costs of a treatment. In an ideal world we envision for Malaysia in the coming years, insurances should cover osteopathic treatments, but realistically there will always be some parts of the population who will not be able to afford insurance costs over primary living expenses.

It is also part of our values to give back to the country and play our part to support the local underprivileged communities. In that regard, a percentage of ONE OSTEO Academy benefits will be allocated to a charity program to provide osteopathic care to underprivileged communities. By promoting “osteopathy for everyone“, we will also attract the community of volunteers osteopaths around the world, always looking to get involved in new charity programs. In partnership with the, within a five to ten-years horizon, a foundation will coordinate the charity programs implemented locally by the Malaysian osteopaths and former students of the Academy.


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Want to expand your knowledge about common health problems? Check out articles on our blog