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International standards

For the sake of our osteopathic ethics, patient safety and healthy development of osteopathy in the country, we comply with the highest international standards of osteopathic education. In the perspective of setting up higher levels of excellence, One Osteo Academy will actually go way beyond the minimum requirements.

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    You can consult these reference documents here:

    Moreover, our Co-founder partner CEESO Lyon SAS was one of the first French osteopathic schools to be certified by the French Ministry of Health in 2007, and got the highest level of certification at RNCP (French abbreviations for national register of professional certifications). CEESO Lyon SAS is also member of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, member of the FNEP (French National Federation for Private Education), and ISO 9001 certified.


The pedagogy approach is based on what is needed to become an Osteopath beyond the academic skills. Based on both science and technic, osteopathic medicine is an Art that One Osteo Academy intends to teach in the tradition of mentoring and practical field experience, the way the founders have received it and the way it was done at the earliest beginnings of osteopathy, enriched by a hundred and fifty years of research and discoveries in all the various fields related to health and education.

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The Clinics

To this end, the two One Osteo clinics are a UNIQUE, central and major educational asset in our program. What truly makes an osteopath, beyond the knowledge, is the clinical experience a practitioner gets, the development of the hands and its palpation senses, the number of patients they felt and touched.

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    The professional clinic where our teachers treat patients everyday are located literally next door in Jaya One, and within a 15 min drive in Plaza Damas, which will allow our students to have access to real-life situation and patients on a daily basis throughout their six years of studies. The two first years as observers, and from the third year onwards they will participate in patient-care to put theory into practice and apply the techniques learnt during the early years of study, under the supervision of a qualified osteopath. The access to a professional clinic, every day during 6 years, instead of occasional internships, is a unique feature that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The dynamism, organization and performance of our clinics are unique advantages in our learning program.

baby holding his mom's hands
The Specialisation in Paediatrics and Perinatal : an ALL INCLUSIVE program

Another unique feature of our program is the all inclusive aspect with the 6th year of study that includes a specialisation in paediatrics and perinatal care. More than a postgraduate program, it is a real professional specialisation that doesn’t exist in this form anywhere else. Our eight years of clinic experience in Malaysia have shown that 50% of our patients are babies and kids, while it is in average 15% to 20% in France for example.

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    Hence it is absolutely crucial and indispensable that our students are prepared to answer this market needs, and again with the necessary training to handle babies and kids. Developing the hand and palpation skills take time and experience, and cannot be rushed.  That is what makes the difference between technical knowledge, and truly mastering the skills.

Teacher and assistant's hands on a woman back
Development of teaching skills

This 6th year is also an opportunity for the students to awaken their teaching skills by starting to assist teachers for their class, support and coach first year students.  It is quite a unique opportunity to develop their inner teacher ability from the beginning of their career, and they will be delivered with an Assistant Teacher certification that will lay the foundations of a potential future teacher career.

Picture of internship in Hospital
Working with multidisciplinary teams

During the course of their studies, the students will also participate in :

  • several internships in diverse environments: clinics, hospitals, corporate field, sportive event, charities. It is another and essential way to apprehend patients in their own environmental and professional context.
  • Dissections performed by professional surgeons or osteopaths D.O. : an essential way to better apprehend and understand Anatomy.

The educational methods have been designed to train high-level practitioners, with the sufficient clinical experience to practice professionally as soon as graduated, and to eventually integrate interdisciplinary medical teams or to participate in scientific research. Our experience of clinic creation and development will also be a major asset for our young practitioners, as it will allow us to provide them with carrier opportunities and support.

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Teachers and International Guests

The teaching of core subjects is provided by specialist osteopaths, general practitioners, high university-level specialist doctors, university teachers and researchers.

Both theoretical and practical teaching of osteopathic subjects are provided by osteopaths. As well as being experienced teachers, they also work in private practices or clinics. A program based on the last revision of CEESO Lyon SAS program, a brand-new school and equipments, regular testing of knowledge and access to the professional ONE OSTEO clinics, are all key elements for our students to acquire the knowledge and level of technical skill necessary to become very highly responsible practitioners.

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    The strength of our professional network will allow our students to meet with international speakers and experts gradually introduced from the end of the third year, once the students start to have sufficient knowledge and skills to appreciate and absorb the input and experience these high profile osteopath can offer. With more than 15 years of experience since its creation, CEESO Lyon SAS has developed strong relationships at an international level, being vice-president of OsEAN and a major French actor of osteopathic education. Our teachers themselves have built their own professional network, and the history of ONE OSTEO in Malaysia has seen natural partnerships and collaborations emerge with associations and actors of the local health and medical community. Our professional network is an integral part of our quality process.

Team One Osteo teachers

Program of studies

In accordance with CEESO Lyon SAS program and the French decree of 12/12/2014 regarding osteopathic education, the academic program consists in seven mandatory fields of education, plus our paediatrics and perinatal specialisation.

Details about fields of studies at OneOsteoAcademy

NB: The fields of studies above and exact number of teaching hours are non-contractual information as they may be subject to substantial changes by the pedagogic team.

Course Schedule

This formula allows fresh grads to enjoy a full time course in Osteopathy. On Saturday, students will also access to our ONEOSTEO clinics to start observing and learning from their future professional environment.

Dates are subject to change.

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