Nicolas Grimaldi

Nicolas Grimaldi

Osteopath D.O.

Nicolas Romulus Grimaldi is the founder of ONE OSTEO. He graduated in 2007 after 6 years of full-time studies at ATMAN, one of the oldest French osteopathic colleges.

First of all, Nicolas Grimaldi was born in Africa, raised in the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Through his life and travels, he has developed a thirst for adventure.

Furthermore, he has worked with various sport teams during his early days. Above all, he has always kept his curiosity for learning new approaches and techniques intact through various post-graduated trainings and self-learning.

His versatile approach and education allows him to work with all kind of techniques. Therefore, he works with visceral, cranial, fascias, direct and indirect techniques, biodynamic, energetic, etc. In this way, he adapts these techniques to each patient and specific condition. 

Moreover, he is a passionate osteopath and entrepreneur, recognised for his work on immune system disorders through the ISD method. His passion and love for paediatric osteopathy, his work on pregnant women and reproductive disorders, along with his team have finally sealed the great reputation of ONE OSTEO around SEA and beyond.  

Nicolas arrived in Malaysia in 2010 and founded ONE OSTEO in 2011.

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