Pascal Moniot

Pascal Moniot

Osteopath D.O.

Pascal Moniot is a senior osteopath at Oneosteo. He graduated in 2001 after 6 years full-time studies at the CEESO Paris.

He has also been an instructor from 2002 to 2007 and 2010 to 2016 in different schools in France. Pascal was teaching physiology, cranial and indirect techniques.

Moreover, Pascal has worked in France, but also in Ireland for few years at Cork Natural Fertility Clinic specialised in fertility troubles and autistic kids.

He is also a certified instructor who worked in France, Ireland and now Malaysia with patients of all age and conditions. Pascal specifically worked for a French rugby team for 3 years. He was twice the osteopath of « the summer of dance », an international ballet festival in Paris.

Socially involved to promote access to osteopathic health care, Pascal was an active member of the Medical Association Against Exclusion in France. Practicing, learning and teaching, Pascal has developed osteopathic skills with mechanical techniques as well as soft techniques and biodynamic.

He joined ONE OSTEO team in August 2016

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