Our Team


ONE OSTEO practitioners have been selected for their experience and skills in complementary fields of osteopathy. All trained in France in renown schools of Osteopathy with a minimum of 5-year program (as regulated by the French laws), they are able to take care of all types of patients from newborn to elderly.

Paediatric Osteopathy

Considering the high local demand for paediatric osteopathy and perinatal care, we brought a special focus on this expertise to select our practitioners. These skills are acquired with post-graduate programs and experience in addition of the regular proper training during osteopathic studies. 50% of our patients being babies and kids, all our osteopaths are specialized in women’s health and paediatric osteopathy.

We work together

Although each of our osteopaths had their own independent private practice at some point of their carrier, they have chosen to join the ONE OSTEO family to work together, share their knowledge and skills and keep evolving for the best interest of their patients. With time, each osteopath will have his or her own preferred approach, techniques and specialty. By constantly sharing our experience, views and case studies, we grow together, and we collaborate to bring the most suitable solution for each patient. When necessary or suitable, we sometimes perform a four hands treatment with two osteopaths.

Get to know your osteopath better by consulting our profiles below

Nicolas Grimaldi

Osteopathy D.O.

Nicolas Grimaldi is the founder of OneOsteo. He graduated after 6 years of study from ATMAN Osteopathic College, one of the oldest schools in France.

Nicolas is a passionate osteopath D.O and is highly recognized for his ability to treat immune system disorders. He came to Malaysia in 2010 to found OneOsteo, with the wish to spread the word of osteopathy to the general public for its best benefit.

The great team, which constitutes of women and men osteopaths, all selected for their high profile, qualifications and skills. Moreover, they are working from our different clinics to ensure the highest standards, treatment and results for all.