Osteopathy is a manual therapy that aims to improve health through all body systems by manipulating and rebalancing the musculoskeletal framework. Osteopathy is based on the principle that the good functioning of your body depends on the bones, joints, ligaments, connective tissues, nervous system and organs functioning smoothly together, and that any disruption in one of these biologic elements will mechanically affect the others as they are all interconnected, inducing symptoms like pain or more serious health disorders.

Osteopathy uses gentle non-invasive manual adjustments, no drug and no machine. It addresses individuals of all ages for a large range of conditions, and treatments are generally spread in time with several weeks between two appointments to give time to your body to react and adjust.




Your osteopath will listen to your needs and ask a few questions about your condition and your general health history.


Your osteopath will do some gentle manipulations to establish a diagnosis and proceed with a first treatment.


Your osteopath will give you more explanations and information about the treatment plan, as well as advice for self-recovery and eventual exercises.


  • Osteopathy has helped a lot in managing my children’s asthma and allergies. I started going to oneosteo since my eldest daughter was around 4-5 years old. She is now 12, and my 2 younger kids also come for half year visits to ensure they are ok. Nicolas is great with kids, and they enjoy their sessions with him.

    Zaidi Ahmad Avatar Zaidi Ahmad

    Ian first visited OneOsteo 2 years ago for his bad condition of rhinitis. Dr. Nicolas explained to us in great depth about Ian’s skeletal posture, that was not aligned vertically and that his posture impacted his rhinitis. Through treatments and changes in body postures, Ian’s rhinitis greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Nicolas for making Ian at ease each time and being so passionate in what you do!

    Cassie Chong Avatar Cassie Chong

    We started with Dominic in 2015 later on with Arnaud and Pierre in 2018 and 2019. We don't have any major issue. Just come for a check and balance. Some alignments done. We shall visit One Osteo in a year time! We totally satisfied with the treatment. Pray the kids will grow healthy and happy!

    Farra Azrin Avatar Farra Azrin
  • Mr Arnaud is an excellent osteopath with a caring and informative manner. I have experienced a variety of osteopathic treatments in a number of countries & Mr Arnaud has great technique. He not only sorted out my back pain quickly, effectively & efficiently. He surprised me with his ability to help the healing process of a recently broken arm. Highly recommend.

    julia doorne Avatar julia doorne

    For more than 1 year, my son had bad episodes of Eczema. His leg was bleeding quite many times. Until I decided to do ISD treatment for him in one osteo. We did 4 sessions. After 1 session with Pascal, I could see improvement in terms of his sleeping pattern, behaviour , and his skin was also getting stronger. After 4th session of osteopathy , I can say my son's condition has improved a lot. No more bleeding episodes. No more wrapping his leg 24 hours. He is a healthy boy now.

    Lya KAseh Avatar Lya KAseh

    I only truly understand how gentle it is after my first treatment session. My therapist is Pierre, and he’s great at listening to what my problems were and adjusting those problematic areas for me. My left knee is now pain-free after 2 sessions. I still have other areas that I look forward to get better from and I’m confident that it will happen as I’ve experienced the benefit of osteo treatment.

    Ashley Liew Avatar Ashley Liew



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