When do you need osteopahty

 Osteopathy may help you with musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory issues , sports recovery , any mechanical imbalances and different kinds of discomfort.

Balanced Pregnancy

A women’s body goes through major changes during pregnancy and the whole environment is deeply modified: tissues, muscles, liquids etc. Osteopathy will help someone’s body to adapt smoothly to all of the physical and hormonal changes, allowing the future mother to feel comfortable and healthy.

New Body

Birth is the first trauma that your body faces in life. Any abnormal tension during birth may lead to dysfunctions that will be expressed shortly or years later. Baby skeleton is very flexible and osteopath can change its level of balance and vitality, once bones are ossified we can adapt the balance, but not change it.


Osteopathy is the model of understanding that has been developed to provide tools to help the body to find better solutions of adaptation to maintain its functions.

Newborn and kids

Children can benefit from Osteopathy at each stage of life, beginning from the first days after delivery.

Sport Osteopathy

The body feels the repercussions from Sports at any level, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to need Sports Osteopathy.