12 Reasons to choose ONE OSTEO Academy

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First international Academy in Osteopathy in Malaysia and Asia- Middle-East

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French excellence in osteopathic education

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All certifications by CEESO Lyon SAS and recognized by the French government

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An experienced team of teachers curated for their skills and expertise

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Unique speciality in paediatrics, perinatal, gynecology, infertility

icon about reputation

One Osteo reputation in Malaysia and South-East Asia

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Strict numerus clausus policy : 30 students per year group the first 2 years, 50 from the third year of activity. A limited number of students to ensure the best quality of education and support

icon representing the access to a clinic

The access to ONE OSTEO professional Clinics on a daily basis throughout the 6 years of studies

icon representing network

The strengths of our professional network with international speakers and figures of Osteopathy, and local partnerships with the local medical community

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The unique opportunity to have teachers who also work in ONE OSTEO Clinics, giving a direct access to professionals in their working environment.

icon representing employment

The exceptional career opportunities right after graduation, in ONE OSTEO entities, as clinic employee, franchise manager, future teacher of the academy, or employee of the foundation

icon representing the cost

Competitive cost of studies compared with similar education programs in Malaysia, Australian or UK in addition of cost of living

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