Who can benefit from osteopathy ?


Everyone can benefit from osteopathy : from babies right after birth, to children, adults, including pregnant women and the elderly.

Pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through deep changes, and osteopathy can help with many pregnancy discomfort by gentle adjustments. It is safe for the baby and even recommended as a good balance will bring more comfort to you, and consequently more space and comfort for the baby too. To learn more about osteopathy during your pregnancy, consult our dedicated page Pregnancy and Perinatal care.


We always recommend to bring your newborn to your osteopath as soon as possible after birth. Babies go through a lot of pressure and potential traumas during birth. This can be easily worked out by osteopathy while they are very young. Think of a baby as a little sprout, that will grow for years before becoming a strong adult tree. It’s easier to correct a flexible, adaptable little sprout, than a strong rigid tree.


Children are growing, playing, experiencing, falling, very active anyway ! It is a good idea to have them checked regularly, like once a year. This will make sure a little injury or bad fall did not induce a mechanical imbalance that might affect their growth.


Adults might be rigid strong trees, nevertheless we need our body in a good shape and all our biologic resources to accomplish the daily activities of our busy lives : work, kids, sport, social life, activities, travel. We tend to push our body until it can’t take it anymore: pain, persistent or recurrent pain, or more serious health issues. Osteopathy helps to keep an aligned and balanced body, release tensions created by stress or repetitive movements, and prevention is at least as important as treatment if not more. Indeed, by taking care of your body on a regular basis, you can avoid symptoms to arise, and avoid that a minor blockage get worse with time or create other tensions elsewhere in your body.

Common professionals

Common professionals looking for osteopathy include dancers, athletes, musicians, factory workers, using their body as a work tool every day. But when you think about it, we all use our body in repetitive patterns each day : sitting at a desk in front of a laptop all day can affect the body posture as well. Your body is too important in your life to ignore its state of balance and health.


With age, elderly more than anyone might experience blockages and tensions that poison their daily life. Osteopathy can bring a greater comfort and release tensions at all ages.