Jonathan Benaud

Jonathan Benaud

Osteopath D.O.

Jonathan Benaud is a senior osteopath at OneOsteo. He graduated from IdHEO Nantes (Institute of High Education in Osteopathy) in 2010 after 5 years full-time studies.

In November 2010, Jonathan started his own practice in France.

Since March 2013, Jonathan specialized in paediatric osteopathy.

In 2012, Jonathan created his clinic located in Beaumont en Veron, France. He kept good relationship with the medical community in the area.

Furthermore, Jonathan is also an experienced osteopath in treating all types of patients: newborn babies, athletes, post-injuries patients and the elderly.

Besides, Jonathan enjoys surf, wakeboard, puzzles and strategy games. He loves to travel and spend time in Japan.

Since 2017, he has been helping bachelor students for their final exams in the field of biology and mathematics.

Jonathan joined ONE OSTEO in September 2018.

Jonathan Benaud, osteopath at OneOsteo, is specialized in :

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