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The Malaysian Market

Malaysia is a market of 32 Million people in 2018, with 76 % of the population leaving in urban areas. With a fertility rate of 2.5 children born by woman and an age structure that counts 24% of the population aged between 0 and 14 years old, the Malaysian market offers optimal conditions to ensure work security for our practitioners.

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    Widely developed in Europe and other western countries (20 million treatments per year in France for a population of 65 Millions), it is now the fastest-growing health regulated profession in Australia ! With a workforce increase of over 6.5% last year alone according to Osteopathy Board of Australia, and student inscriptions increase of 50% every year, Osteopathy is now taking the allied healthcare profession to the next level, leading complementary medicine evolution in Australia.

The Academy ethics : A Strict Numerus Clausus

We have the social responsibility to develop a healthy professional environment for the coming generations of osteopaths in Malaysia. In order to protect the development of osteopathy in Malaysia and ensure our fresh graduate to have work all along their career, we carefully studied the potential need of osteopaths in the country over the next thirty years, considering the evolution of urban population, purchasing power, data on osteopathy development in other countries, and came to the decision to impose a NUMERUS CLAUSUS, in other terms a strict limited number of students every year : 30 students the first year, 30 students the second year, 50 students from the third year onwards.

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    The calculations are pretty straightforward :

    • In 20 years, 10% of the population will consult an osteopath on a regular basis (very conservative estimate, based on data from all countries with a healthy development rate)
    • One osteopath practice must have between 600 and 1500 patients in its database to function and be full in its early beginnings, and this number can go up to 3000 patients per osteopath a few years later.
    • Therefore, a city of 300,000 residents needs around 10 osteopaths
    • So at the country level, in 20 years, Malaysia will need 1000 osteopaths

Map about the osteopathy development in Malaysia

These projections are even more conservative, considering that we use population statistics from 2018. First generations of practitioners will naturally be renewed by the new ones over a 30 years cycle, without overcrowding the market. This will also guaranty the constant and highest quality of treatment for the PATIENTS, as the quality of education won’t be diluted by overcrowded classes of students, and practitioners will be able to maintain and continuously improve their skills by seeing many patients throughout their entire career.

The Patient First. This, and this only, can lead Malaysia to become a leader in osteopathic education and a model for the world and existing schools.

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ONE OSTEO Clinic Network

Because we train and guide our students evolution on an individual follow-up basis over 6 years, we will be in position to offer to the most brilliant of them, when we see fit, an opportunity to be employed in One Osteo clinics at a fixed salary of RM 10K per month right after their studies.

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    In addition of strong osteopathic knowledge and skills, their first professional experience will thus benefit from the reputation and caution of One Osteo clinic in the region, which will ensure their professional future in the country and abroad.

Franchise benefits

ONE OSTEO Franchise

In the coming years, ONE OSTEO clinics will develop into a franchise network, in order to give access to osteopathy to more and more Malaysians around the country, while always guaranteeing the same and best quality of care for the patients.

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    The most entrepreneurial spirits among our students will have the opportunity to start their career with the structural and financial support of an established network, and to grow their practice locally.

    This will also bring to other graduates an opportunity to get employed by these franchised clinics, and benefit from the various supports ONE OSTEO will provide.

Students teaching about osteopathy

Academy and Foundation

The 6th year of study is a springboard for students to awaken their teaching skills by starting to assist teachers for their class, support and coach first year students.

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    It is quite a unique opportunity to develop their inner teacher ability from the beginning of their career, and they will be delivered with an Assistant Teacher certification that will lay the foundations of a potential future teacher career within the academy, on both theoretical class and clinic supervisors.

    Ultimately, the foundation will offer more job opportunities and diverse responsibilities within an extraordinary environment.

Picture representing the osteopath journey
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